d-iptables is a simple shell (bash) script using all the power of dialog!

Through done questions to the user d-iptables make a rule in IPTABLES (d-iptables does not substitute iptables, is only a interface that help you to create a rule).

In the current version (0.1) d-iptables works only the filter table (standard) and also does not work with adva nced options of iptables. To know which they will be the next steps to d-iptables, consults TODO.

d-iptables is simply this: boxes of dialog that to create rules in iptables.

If you have a comments or have interesting on help, send mail to: contato@brunorusso.eti.br

For more information access: http://d-iptables.sourceforge.net/

Good Luck,

BrunoRusso (brusso)!!!

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