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Amazon Lightsail

For many people AWS is a big ecosystem that helps all size companies improve their environment of technology.

Ever heard of AWS Lightsail hosting?

In many cases and a lot of basic situations AWS has a perfect service. This service is Amazon Lightsail.

Amazon Lightsail helps developers get started using AWS to build websites or web applications. It includes the features that you need to launch your project: instances (virtual private servers), managed databases, SSD-based block storage, static IP addresses, load balancers, content delivery network (CDN) distributions, DNS management of registered domains, and snapshots (backups). These features are all available for a low, predictable monthly price.

The main computer service of Amazon Lightsail is a Virtual Private Service (VPS). Also it is possible to manage DNS, Network, Firewall, Data Base, Storage, containers, CDN and Load Balancers. All these services are very simple to use and configure.

With a large options of images pre configured, Amazon Lightsail is a good option to developers. If you prefer, use the API to manage Lightsail.

The price is accessible and not expensive. Check this page for more information:

At the moment this site is running on Amazon Lightsail.

For more information access:

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