2016 12 22 Top 12 Prioridades para a Modernização do Data Warehouse

Top 12 Prioridades para a Modernização do Data Warehouse

No artigo "Data Warehouse Modernization - In the Age of Big Data Analytics", Philip Russom lista 12 prioridades para um projeto de modernização do Data Warehouse.

Think of the priorities as recommendations, requirements, or rules that can guide user organizations into successful strategies for implementing a modernization project. - Philip Russom

As 12 prioridades são:

  1. Embrace change;
  2. Make realignment with business goals your top priority;
  3. Make DW capacity a high priority on the technology side;
  4. Make analytics a priority, too;
  5. Don’t forget the related systems and disciplines that also need modernization;
  6. Don’t be seduced by new, shiny objects;
  7. Assume that you’ll need multiple manifestations of modernization;
  8. Know the tools and techniques of the modern data warehouse environment (DWE);
  9. Adjust the large-scale architecture of your DWE;
  10. Reevaluate your DW platform;
  11. Consider Hadoop for various roles in the DWE;
  12. Develop plans and recurring cycles for DW modernization.

O artigo completo, pode ser encontrado neste link https://tdwi.org/bpr/dwmodernization.

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