2010 06 21 Windows Phone com um aplicativo para ser usado no carro

Windows Phone com um aplicativo para ser usado no carro

Bom, a idéia que descrevo a seguir não é minha, mas é de um amigo e para ajudá-lo resolvi escrever aqui no blog atendendo ao seu pedido.

Segue a descrição da idéia o aplicativo:

The idea is to extract the maximum feature windows phone for our day to day.

We know that today we can already use Windows Mobile for presentations is how I do with my HTC Touch Diamond.

MyMobiler have an application that displays the phone's screen on PC and via the pc, I can interact with the phone, of course with some limitations.

Windows Phone Data Cable + Car + DVD = mobile car.Today we hear a lot of car pc, and why not now mobile car?

Imagine interacting in touch screen DVD of your car with your windows Phone on the screen dvd you dial someone getting the same screen you use on your windows phone and can even chat with 3G technology, or watch videos listen to music on your zune or windows media player, use the GPS on your phone, view photos taken on your windows phone, internet accessible on the screen of your dvd, view an email that you were waiting on the screen of your dvd, it would be so good.

dream? what is lacking is not only the phone interact with the windows screen car dvd touch screen acknowledging their functions.

I can not measure how many devices would be sold is based on the idea.

Just to think that the connections made in the DVD drive would be made on the same screen that I use on my phone would be a relief, the phone screen to phonebook everything is better than that DVD screen buttons with those blue, green, etc.

In Brazil, people put support for GPS in the car windscreen, USB cable for mp3 player, bluetooth headset to talk on the phone, all this would be replaced by interacting with the Windows Phone Car DVD with touch screen.

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John Gonzales
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